Shining Star: Snooki: Although the Jersey Shore star; known for her poof hairstyle and partying doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, this week she’s our Shining star! The reality star is celebrated her 25th birthday Friday November 23rd. She’s known for her drunken antics and love for house music on the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, but in real life she’s not just a reality star- she’s also an author, and now she’s a MOM! Snooki and her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world in August. Baby Lorenzo is now a few months old, and Mama Snooki couldn’t be happier! She’s already appeared on magazine covers showing off what she calls her “little meatball” and in an interview with the Today Show, Snookie says, “The partying days are long gone!” Snooki is criticized as an immature “party girl” but it seems that with the birth of her baby boy, the reality star has taken a new leaf and is proving the world wrong! On the Today Show, she gushed while talking about her baby Lorenzo, and in an episode of the “Jersey Shore” the guidette cried tears of joy. She also frequently shares pictures of her baby on her instagram account. Snooki has matured and taken a complete 360 from her Jersey Shore persona, and for that I say kudos to Snooki and motherhood!