Shia LaBeouf has been sent a second cease and desist letter from Daniel Clowes' lawyers, and this time he's sharing the entire document on social media.

If you haven't heard, Shia has been under fire for his recent short film, which was found to be a scene-for-scene adaptation of Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano. Since then, LaBeouf has hired a skywriter to write an apology, and purposely copied apologies from Lena Dunham when she brought up his plagiarism.

Yesterday, Shia posted a photo of a storyboard for his next short, "Daniel Boring," which he described as "Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan's Island."

Later in the day, a cease and desist letter was received by Shia. You see, Clowes has a comic titled "David Boring" and is described by Clowes himself as "Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan's Island." David Boring was named one of TIME's top graphic novels ever written.

The photo was taken down, although Shia posted the message, "we used to sit in a circle around a campfire / and tell stories and share them / and change them and own them together because they were ours / now our stories are owned for profit / we buy corporate property / and call it our culture / enriching others / as we deplete ourselves."

Now Shia appears to be taunting Clowes' lawyers by posting their most recent cease and desist letter and re-posting the photo that caused them to send it. We'll have to wait and see if Shia apologizes for this, as well.