Nik Richie, husband of actress Shayne Lamas, has taken to his website to share the experience of his wife's miscarriage - and his words may surprise you.

Shayne and Nik lost their son when she suffered internal bleeding and had to undergo life-saving surgery that resulted in the loss of their unborn child.

Nik writes, "I’m home and happy. My wife, Shayne Lamas, is doing great. Your prayers worked. I feel like I need to address the 10% who have been using the term 'Karma' towards what has happen to my family the past couple weeks. Let’s skip over the fact that most of you probably don’t even know what religion Karma derives from without Googling it. Your hate and negativity has been noted, but I need you to know this was the most positive experience in my life.

"I know this sounds weird, but this tragedy was a true blessing. If this is how “Karma” works, then thank you. I learned love, I learned strength, I learned compassion. I became a man. My family was tested on the highest level and we won. I held my son. I was a husband, not the word, but the virtue of how every man should love his a wife.

"As much pain this has caused my heart, it has also opened it to a place I didn’t know existed. So I need you to know, I’m happy because my tears meant something. I will never be able to thank everyone enough for their support. And to my haters, thank you for always being by my side."

Shayne is expected to make a full recovery.