Rapper Shawty Lo has called off his engagement to his longtime girlfriend one month after proposing marriage.

The Foolish hit-maker, real name Carlos Walker, asked his girlfriend of 10 years, Ecreia Perez, to marry him in June  but reveals he broke off the relationship weeks later.

He tells MTV News, "Things happen. I can't point no fingers (sic). We were separated, the engagement lasted probably a month. It was a 10-year relationship, I love her still, but it's time to move on. It's over. I'm finnin' (feeling ready) to move on. I got everything new going for me."
The rapper declined to elaborate on what led to the split, but alluded to being disappointed by his former fiancée.

He adds: "Something happened that I found out. Me, being a man, you just can't deal with certain stuff, put up with certain stuff. So, you know, it's better for us to separate. I can't talk about it. That my daughter's mother. I got much respect for her. ... (But) yeah, I'm single right now."

The rapper has a total of 10 children, eight daughters and two sons from various relationships.