Sharon Stone has been voted the sexiest over-40 woman in the world. The sexy star topped the poll conducted by the magazine Sly, beating a whole host of older beauties to the accolade. The magazine, which is owned by Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, said Stone scooped the title because "her potency to the male libido rivals that of Viagra."

Forty-seven-year-old Stone beat fellow forty-something stunner Elle MacPherson into second place, while pop beauty Madonna came third. Other stars to make the top ten included actress Diane Lane, model Iman, screen beauty Julianne Moore, Heather Locklear, CSI star Marg Helgenberger, pop icon Tina Turner and Memoirs Of A Geisha actress Gong Li.

Sly magazine also claimed older women are sexier "because they are real." Stone - who has two adopted sons - has always been proud of getting older and previously insisted she wouldn't turn to cosmetic surgery to help her keep her movie star looks. Last year, the actress - who sued a top plastic surgeon over claims he had performed a facelift on her - admitted she is happy to grow old gracefully and has ruled out plastic surgery for good. She said at the time: "I'm a great believer in letting nature take its course and living with what I've been given."

Sly Magazine's World's Sexiest Women:

1. Sharon Stone
2. Elle MacPherson
3. Madonna
4. Diane Lane
5. Iman
6. Julianne Moore
7. Heather Locklear
8. Marg Helenberger
9. Tina Turner
10. Gong Li