Sharon Osbourne has urged Lindsay Lohan's mom to seek professional help after watching her odd performance on TV self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw's show on Monday.

Dina Lohan agreed to sit down and talk about her family's problems but her interview with McGraw quickly became a mess when she appeared incoherent and confused as the TV doctor attempted to get a straight answer from her.

Lohan's ex-husband - Lindsay's estranged father Michael - has suggested his former wife was inebriated, even asking McGraw on TV if she had been drinking before the chat. But the counselor insists he couldn't smell alcohol on his guest's breath.

And now Osbourne, another celebrity mom who has seen her fair share of problems, has waded into the drama, and she thinks it's time for Dina Lohan to seek help - so she can help her troubled actress daughter, who is struggling to stay away from trouble.

Lindsay, who has been in and out of court and jail for a number of theft, DUI and probation violations in the past two years, was caught up in a hit-and-run drama and arrested for fleeing the scene in New York early on Wednesday.

If Lohan is convicted of the misdemeanor offence, it could constitute a violation of the probation she was put on for the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California last year - and lead to more jail time.

And Osbourne insists Dina Lohan needs to focus on helping her daughter, and stop trying to be the actress' party pal: "I would say to her, 'Put yourself into rehab. Get yourself OK - because you can't help your children in the state that you're in!'

"I would remind her that she is Lindsay's mother, not a girlfriend. You don't go out clubbing with your daughter; you just don't do it... Remove yourself, remember you're her mother."