As seen in the season premiere of Shameless this past Sunday, 137 days have passed between what happened at the end of season two and where we begin season three.

(Spoilers ahead for the first episode and mild teasers for the next three.)

Frank does manage to make it back from Mexico – wonder if we’ll ever see what landed him there in the first place – and Jimmy’s life has been threatened by Estefania’s father, Nando. Jimmy has to pretend to be her husband to fool the INS so she can be an American citizen and Jimmy is keeping it from Fiona. Lip has been sentenced to community service and Hymie is causing extreme exhaustion for Jody/Sheila.

It was a strong start to the season and as always, features incredible performances from the child actors—especially the actress who portrays Debbie, Emma Kenney.

Having seen the next three episodes of the season already, I can confidentially say the creativity and smart plotting continues.

Fiona, for starters, will indeed face the nervousness that comes with a club opening before she decides perhaps she needs a more traditional job—even if it comes with disgusting requests from the manager.

Frank will not be welcome back in the Gallagher home and even becomes a babysitter—though if the child’s “parents” knew what he was doing to put their kid to sleep at night, he’d never be let around them ever again. He also does two despicable things—even for him. He tells one of his children they’re dying (they’re not) and even rats his family out to child protective services—the fall-out from that hasn’t played out yet, however.

Kevin and V will continue doing fine and planning for the future—even if there’s a roadblock from Kevin’s past in the way. Lip, meanwhile, starts to realize perhaps he’s leading Mandy on especially when he helps her deal with a difficult family situation. (He also tries to take down a pedophile in the neighborhood in only a way someone like Lip could.)

And someone’s parents get a divorce.

A lot happens in the first four episodes and a lot more seems to being getting set up for later in the season, thanks to Frank’s scheming, Jimmy keeping his problems with Estefania and Nando from Fiona, and a potential new addition to the Gallagher “family.”

Shameless airs at 9 pm ET Sundays on Showtime. The second episode of the season premieres this Sunday, January 20.