Feeling a bit frisky? With spring right around the corner many of us are getting an extra boost of energy into our sex drives. While we can mention several healthy ways to channel that energy, instead we'll point you in the direction of the television, which in winter provided you with warmth and this season will provide you with a new spring in your step.

So take a look at some of the sexiest shows on television, and remember, your TV can't judge you. Your TiVo, on the other hand, can and will.

Nip/Tuck (FX)

The only show on TV that will have you feeling naughty one minute and feeling like you need a shower the next. Even the deaths of lead characters occur in the throws of passion, which are followed by free falls off a balcony. Though recent seasons have replaced the sex with some major sleaze, most of us would still make an appointment at McNamara and Troy, possibly for some after-hours consultation.

The Tudors (HBO)

We wish we lived in 16th century England, at least after watching "The Tudors." Had we known that royalty basically spent most of their time under the sheets we would have signed up ages ago. You sign up to be royalty, right? Oh, and whoever thought about casting Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII deserves a raise. History just got a whole lot steamier.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Want proof this is one of the sexiest shows on TV? Pick up the DVDs and see what had to be cut for airing. You won't be watching this show with your parents after that. As for the show itself, we've never been witness to more equal opportunity eye candy in all our years of non-cable television watching. From McSteamy's post shower towel off to just about every female doctor's need to ditch their scrubs as often as possible, every viewer leaves a happy camper.

Tell Me You Love Me (HBO)

This series is the closest you're going to get to porn on television without paying $12.99 and hiding the cable bill. Sure, the show is really about relationships and intimacy and all that good stuff, but c'mon. You know you're watching it for the sex. Lost fans should tune in to catch way more than a glimpse of Ian Somerhalder, a.k.a. Boone.

Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

It's the sexiest show to not contain any sex. We only half paid attention to the first season, but now we're am glued to the show each season. Could the reason be that the costumes are getting skimpier and skimpier? Let's just say this season we expect everyone will just wear fig leaves. Add some morally questionable routines for the mix and "Dancing with the Stars" becomes a hell of a lot steamier than it should be.

The L Word (Showtime)

Ever thought to yourself that television would be a lot better if there were no men? Then boy do we have a show for you. Following the lives of a close knit group of Los Angeles lesbians, "The L Word" has something for everyone, unless you find sex between women unacceptable. But then why are you reading a list of sexy TV shows? Sadly, the show is coming to an end after six seasons and will live up in heaven with Queer as Folk as a sexy show with a different audience in mind.

Lipstick Jungle (NBC)

This Sex and the City retread is surprisingly sexier than the original. Perhaps less is more when it comes to sex, and we're not sitting through 15 minutes of women talking vibrators. Instead we get lots of booze, lots of drama, and our two new favorite actors: Lindsay Price and Robert Buckley. Now if only their characters would get together, then this might become our favorite show on television.

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer