Kat Dennings' career has come full circle - her new TV sitcom, "2 Broke Girls," was created by "Sex And The City's" Michael Patrick King.
Dennings had a small role on the "Sex And The City" TV series when she was just 14, and she admits the experience made her all the more serious about acting.
She explains, "I played Jenny Brier in the episode called Hot Child in the City. It changed my life, really it did.
"I lived in the woods, so I hadn't thought about doing TV. We didn't have any money when I was growing up, and I used to get all my films from the library. My mom would get me classic movies and stuff.
"I actually wasn't allowed to watch TV as a kid growing up except for, like, PBS, Sesame Street. I was a homeschooled kid living in the forest, and I didn't even have cable. I'm serious. We had to get cable to watch my episode of Sex & The City."