Seth Rogen is a busy, busy...well, monster...oh, and green hornet. He recently spoke with us about the new "Monsters Versus Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space" NBC Halloween special (airing tonight at 8 p.m. ET), life on the set of The Green Hornet and more!

On B.O.B. in "Monsters:"

I'm very loud, that's what's good about an animated film. I don't have to even be on screen for you to hear me necessarily. But B.O.B. is around. He's - I'm in it; I don't know the exact seconds. Normally I do know the exact amount of seconds I appear on screen in everything I do but I have not yet timed this one.

Why did I pursue it?...I really enjoyed doing the other animated work I had done up until that point. And I just - I thought it was a great idea. And I was a big fan of just what DreamWorks animation had done. I love the Pixar movies obviously but the first time I saw Shrek I remember it just seemed much more - it seemed like more cynical almost in like a very humorous way I thought. It seemed like it was taking, the left, just kind of a skewed perspective on these conventions that you're used to seeing in a lot of these movies. So I was just a big fan of what they had done before. It just seemed really funny.

Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. (Hugh Laurie), B.O.B. (Seth Rogen), The Missing Link (Will Arnett) © NBC

The battle of animated Halloween specials is tough territory, thanks to the legacy built by 'The Simpsons' annual 'Treehouse of Horror' episodes. Seth comments on his reactions:

I don't know. It's a mixed bag. It's hard to consider those things. Luckily with TiVo people don't have to decide. They can watch both over and over and over again. To me it's like I recorded the Treehouse - I mean the Pumpkin thing - the Monsters vs. Aliens one awhile ago and I honestly had no idea what the animation was going to be like and really how much work was going to go into it. And when I watched it I was extremely impressed, I mean, it was pretty much movie-quality level animation. So that was very encouraging and I was glad that they didn't half-ass it - can I say that?

On more holiday-related 'MVA' specials:

Anything but Christmas because I'm Jewish. But...Flag Day I'm a devout observer of and would definitely do it. B.O.B. is Jewish; most people don't know that. He's actually Orthodox.

"Monsters Versus Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space" NBC Halloween special preview

His thoughts on monsters or aliens being real:

I do believe in monsters oddly enough. Yes, I think they're under my bed. But aliens are ridiculous; monsters I think are real completely though.

What he thinks about adult comedians in animated films:

I don't think Seth Rogen needs toning down for families to be perfectly honest. I mean I don't know. I think that, honestly, people's censorship issues are personal but I disagree with most of those personal choices that I see others make. I watch television and there's a grotesque amount of violence on almost every show that you would watch that comes on past 8:00 pm. And I think my dirty brand of humor is far less destructive to a child's mentality. So honestly a few dirty jokes to me, kids can handle that.

The pressures of creating a fan-worthy product for "The Green Hornet:"

No we are all in it. I will say like it's - I take a huge amount of the pressure. I understand that. I understand that. I understand that it's my face on it, when it literally comes out even if it sucks for another reason people will blame me and that's why I have to be so involved to try to make sure that it doesn't suck. But honestly it's a lot of your work is done before now, it's hiring the right people and making sure all the elements are in place. And then trusting them to do what you hired them to do. But I'm there all the time so I can make sure everything is going well. But, yes, no there's a lot of pressure. I understand that. I've been talking about this movie for years and if it sucks then no one will be more disappointed than me believe me.

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Info about his upcoming film about cancer:

We've been calling it 'I'm with Cancer;' that's what it is in my head. But it is - a friend of ours, Will Riser - who we met while working on the LEG show who's my age, got cancer and beat it luckily and wrote a movie pretty much chronicling his experience and James McAvoy will be playing him in the movie and I'll pretty much be playing me who was his useless friend throughout the process. We start filming next year.

Story by Sarah Lafferty
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