The prospect of a Green Hornet film seems cursed. Christopher McQuarrie was writing a script in 2000 which had Jet Li attached as Kato. Then the surprise of comedian Kevin Smith writing and directing stalled with an unproduced script. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been touting their script since SuperBad, but their first choice director, Stephen Chow, backed out.

Now, with yet another avant-garde twist, Green Hornet is still buzzing. "Michel Gondry is going to direct it," Rogen updated. "Me and Evan are in the process of rewriting it with him right now. We should start shooting it in the end of June, around then."

Rogen previously described his draft as a tale of a hero and his sidekick, as Kato is almost more famous than the Hornet himself. Bruce Lee played Kato in the TV version. Now, it's going to be Gondry's Hornet.

"You can't have a guy like Michel around and not get a bunch of new ideas thrown at you. That guy, as soon as he's in the room, anything seems possible. It's really exciting to work with a guy like that. We hire directors specifically who we think are smarter than us and who can do things that we can't do, and he more than fits that criteria."

After a year long diet and workout regimen, Rogen is in fighting shape to play the superhero. However, he's not looking forward to kicking the ass. "Physically, it already sucks, I'll tell you that."

Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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