Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is the latest celebrity to speak out in protest against a controversial new anti-immigration law in Arizona - comparing the legislation to Nazi Germany.

MacFarlane is fuming over the bill, which was signed on April 23rd and allows cops to question any individual who they suspect is an illegal immigrant. It also requires legal immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times. And he's backing protests by Latin stars including Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria Parker, Shakira and George Lopez, adding his concern the law could lead to unfair racial profiling.

He says, "It's too much. It's kind of a slap in the face, it's not the way to handle it nobody but the Nazis ever asked anybody for their papers. Walking down the street, a cop can come up to you and say 'May I see your papers?' - I think they should be required to ask that question in German if the law sticks around."

When asked why he thought the law had been passed, he added, "I don't know, people are getting crazier maybe' When I read that, I said, 'Wow, that's more shocking and egregious than anything we've ever done on the show, and it's a law.'"






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