Actress Selma Blair is craving pancakes and grapefruit as she carries her first baby, but insists: "I'm having a great pregnancy!"

The Hellboy star has spoken out for the first time since it was revealed in January she's expecting a baby with her boyfriend, fashion designer Jason Bleick.

Blair admits she's finding pregnancy easy and is enjoying indulging in all her food whims.

She tells Access Hollywood, "I'm having a great pregnancy. It's due this summer. I'm not going to say what (the sex) is yet. Hopefully it's one or the other. Who knows these days! I eat pancakes all day. I don't eat gluten, so I eat gluten-free pancakes. It's a little better, but not much! I have a lot of pancake cravings, a lot of grapefruit (cravings)."

And Blair is relishing taking time out from making movies while she's expecting, adding: "I'm unemployed and barefoot and pregnant!"

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