Selena Gomez is pointing the finger at aggressive photographers after she was in a fender bender this weekend.

According to TMZ, Gomez was at a Hollywood 7/11 when the press descended on her to catch a glimpse and a few photos. The singer hopped into her SUV and tried to leave her parking spot, only to end up hitting another vehicle. She had her friend get out of the vehicle to exchange insurance information with the driver so photographers wouldn't have another chance at a photo.

Following the incident, Selena took to Twitter to place the blame squarely on the paparazzi. "Only I'd get into an accident because of men with cameras who have great careers and offer the couple a package at Burke Williams. Oh LA," she shared with her followers. Burke Williams is a luxurious day spa chain in California.

Cops weren't called to the scene, so it appears the singer will simply have to let her insurance take care of the damages and move on.