Legendary James Bond star Sean Connery has given the new 007 his seal of approval - calling Daniel Craig a "terrific choice". The veteran actor - who played the suave spy in six Bond films, including, first movie Dr. No, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever - insists the latest star picked to don the famous tuxedo will do the role proud. He said: "Craig's a great choice, really interesting - different. He's a good actor. It's a completely new departure."

It seems there is mutual respect between the Craig and Connery, 75. After accepting the role in new movie "Casino Royale," Craig insisted Connery was his favorite Bond and admitted he was a huge fan of the actor as a child.

Craig is the sixth actor to play 007. Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and most recently Pierce Brosnan have also starred as the fictional British spy. The British star, who will be the first blond Bond, landed the part after movie bosses axed Brosnan - who appeared in four films, including GoldenEye and Die Another Day - demanded a massive pay increase to reprise the role.