Monk, USA's critically-acclaimed original series starring Tony Shalhoub, returns in its fifth season with all-new episodes and a roster of top-tier guest stars on Friday, Jan. 19, 2007, at 9pm/8 central. The show remains one of the highest-rated original scripted series in basic cable history.

Guest stars for mid-fifth season return include Steven Weber, Ricardo Chavira, Sean Astin, Charles Durning, Dan Butler, Holland Taylor, Michael Cavanaugh, David Eigenberg, Andy Richter, Heather Tom, James Gammon, Chris Williams, Brooke Adams & Emmy Clarke.

As season five continues, Monk suspects a radio shock jock (Weber) killed his wife but the DJ has an alibi – he was on the air at the time of the murder; the mysterious "Six Way Killer" strikes in San Francisco, and Monk's detective skills are pitted against the flashy forensic technology of a federal agent (Williams) as they both pursue the murderer; a fun-loving everyman named Hal (Richter) befriends Monk and for the first time in his life, Monk appears to have a buddy... but is Hal up to something? (also guest starring Eigenberg); When wealthy neighbor's of Natalie's parents (Taylor and Cavanaugh) mysteriously die, Natalie suspects foul play, so Monk goes undercover as a butler for the deceased's son (Astin) in order to investigate; Monk goes to the emergency room for a bloody nose, but when a doctor in the hospital turns up dead, Monk joins the investigation and soon finds his own life is in danger (guest starring Durning and Butler); and when Lt. Disher inherits a farm from an uncle who committed suicide, he comes to suspect that it was murder, so Monk joins him on the farm to investigate (guest starring Chavira, Adams and Gammon).