The Girls Next Door have opportunities that some can only dream of and adventures that turn into amazing experiences. So why wouldn't the girls of the Playboy Mansion get one more to add to their lists? This time around it was scuba diving, and the girls were eager to learn about how to become certified divers… well, maybe a little less learning and a little more diving. It's not too fun when an exciting experience turns into reading chapters on end about what scuba stands for (yes, it's an acronym).

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Under no surprise at all, Holly, Bridget and Kendra became certified (as if only one of them would be told "no") and quickly rushed over to Catalina Island to dive off the shore. My favorite part was when Kendra glided her way up the boat to re-enact Titanic's "do you trust me" scene, only to turn a solo and pseudo-romantic moment into a display of her gag reflex.

As for the most random part… how about those twins playing in the Mansion's front yard with their twin puppies and calling out "Hi honey!" when Hef walks out? Is it just me, or did they randomly appear out of nowhere? Sure, they were part of the anniversary Playmate episodes, but we have rarely heard mention of them since.

That brings me to the second episode of Sunday's double feature… magazine shoots for Holly, Bridget and Kendra. All in all, the episode was very uneventful, as the three girls basically were just shown getting dolled up and getting their photos taken. That's nothing out of the ordinary with those kinds of episodes. That is, until the last seven minutes of the show. Each girl took a couple minutes to reminisce about their years at the Playboy Mansion. There was no reason given as to why they were reminiscing, but each one of them talked about how it has been an amazing experience, they've learned so much and they are ready to re-evaluate their goals in life. So, are we to assume that the breaking up, moving out and introductions of new girlfriends are soon to come? It sounded to me like their reminiscing was more of a "goodbye."

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Story by Rebecca Kruse

Starpulse contributing writer