With news last week that ABC was considering carrying on Scrubs for a ninth season, the question buzzing around Hollywood was: Can Scrubs go on without J.D.?

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The eighth season was supposed to be the last. After NBC decided not to renew the show last year, ABC, which had been producing the show since its premiere in 2001, took up the option to air the series, with the expectation that it would be the final season. Most of the main cast members have either stated that they wouldn't return for another season (Zach Braff, Judy Reyes) or have been cast in new television pilots (Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, John C. Reilly).

The news of a possible ninth season is somewhat surprising, given that Scrubs has never pulled very high audience numbers, but ABC is now billing the May 6 episode as a season finale. It's been speculated that a ninth season would shift focus from the characters who we saw grow from interns to residents to this season's new crop of interns. Series creator Bill Lawrence has stated in his abc.com blog My Scrubs Ramblings that if the show were to return next year, it would have to be a different show.

Perhaps meant as a trial run for a J.D.-less season, in Their Story II, one of the show's rare episodes where J.D. passes on the narration to another character, J.D. wonders what the interns are thinking and the audience is treated to a glimpse into the intern's thoughts.

But who would take over J.D.'s voiceovers? The obvious choice is Dr. Sunny Dey, the overly cheery intern who is the star of the webisode series Scrubs: Interns. She shares J.D.'s almost child-like openness and optimism, but I doubt her daydreams would be nearly as elaborate and absurd.

Do we need a revamped Scrubs? Scrubs' quirky, zany absurdist humor will certainly be missed, though it's time for its run to end. But like Rob Thomas' "Veronica Mars in the FBI" trailer, it would be interesting to see what Lawrence's cracked up sense of humor would come up with. There's been a lot of speculation and pre-judgment about the show sucking. But as Lawrence wrote in his April 29 post, "…it may still suck. But if it does, it will not be a fizzle-suck. It will suck in a truly grand, disastrous way. Just give it a chance, AND THEN be outraged and hate it."

Story by Ariel Vered

Starpulse contributing writer