Former porn star Sasha Grey has hit out at the media for creating a "sanctimonious firestorm" around her recent visit to a Los Angeles elementary school to read to kids.

The Entourage actress was invited to meet young children at Emerson Elementary School in Compton last week as part of the Compton Unified School District's guest reader program, but the visit sparked controversy when parents learned about Grey's porn past.

The star has now spoken out about the furore, insisting she has no regrets about the visit - although she admits organizers should have properly informed parents about her background beforehand.

Speaking on talk show The View on Wednesday, she said, "Should they have informed the parents? Yes, but I think they should inform the parents whenever there's a guest speaker, no matter what their past is."

When asked whether she'd have gone through with the reading had parents objected to her presence, she replied, "Then I wouldn't have done it, but there was no notice sent out."

Grey, 23, accepts that she'll face a tough time whatever she chooses to do because of her risque past, but she blames the media for stirring up trouble.

She adds, "I feel that there's a lot of sanctimonious media firestorm thrown at me. However, I've always gone after what I want and I will continue to do that."

A representative from the school has since apologized for the incident and has promised a review of their work with the Compton Unified School District organiser who set up the reading.