Someone recently emailed me for a sightseeing recommendation for an upcoming journey to New York City. It seemed a bit odd because although I visit often, I have never lived within the city walls. I recommended the usual - a tour of NBC, shopping in Soho, a slow walk through The Strand bookstore, etc. My email pal thought I was joking.

Apparently she was not looking for a tour guide, she was looking for film spots. Specifically, she wanted restaurants that appeared in her favorite films. So with a little bit of research, I found the following:

Katz's Deli - New York City (When Harry Met Sally)

Katz's is quite possibly one of the most iconic real-life restaurants in Hollywood cinema. Situated in the Lower East Side, it is one of the hottest, and most familiar, places to visit. Most importantly, the food is worth the trip and a probable wait in line.

Serendipity 3 - New York City (Serendipity)

The film itself is not a classic, but this restaurant sure is. This is the perfect place to go for dessert (and by dessert I mean frozen hot chocolate). It also looks like it could have easily come out of a deleted scene of Mary Poppins.

21 Club - New York City (Wall Street)

While many can tell you there is a difference between the fictional New York City and the actual city, when you walk in here you feel as if you walked on set. As long as you are in the city and are a fan of the film, stop in for a drink. You will almost sense the power in the place, a power that led Michael Douglas to win an Oscar for his performance.

Joe's Pizza - New York City (Spider-Man 2)

This one pizza place cannot justify the film, but it is pretty cool. Breaking the barrier between cinema and reality, if you are in the West Village and happen to be watching this movie, you can call the Joe's Pizza number from the film and actually order a real pizza. The concept is a fantastic form of advertising, and the pizza is able to stand up to the hype.

Mystic Pizza - Mystic, Connecticut (Mystic Pizza)

This restaurant was the inspiration for the classic Julia Roberts film. Mystic itself is a small seaport getaway in Connecticut, just as charming as the film makes it out to be.

Twin Anchors - Chicago (The Dark Knight and Return to Me)

An old haunt of Frank Sinatra's, Twin Anchors was also used as a set location for both "The Dark Knight" and the David Duchovny/ Minnie Driver romantic comedy, "Return to Me." Known in the film as O'Reilly's Restaurant, Twin Anchors is a major Chicago restaurant hotspot in its own right.

L Street Tavern - Boston (Good Will Hunting)

If you are in Boston, and you feel like taking a trip south to "Southie," you can grab a drink where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's characters frequented.

The above are some of my favorites. What are yours?

Story by Sarah Lafferty
Starpulse contributing writer

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