Actor Sarah Polley earned a lot of acclaim for his first directorial feature, the Alzheimer’s drama Away from Her. For her second film, she tackled the relationships of younger couples. Take This Waltz stars Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman and Luke Kirby.

“I guess it’s a romantic drama that has a lot of humor in it about relationships,” Polley said. “[It’s] about the endings and beginnings of relationships, and what we do when the newness of a relationship ends and what a relationship becomes.”

Rogen usually plays the “unconventional” leading man, where his appearance is sort of the joke. Polley may be casting him against type, but she doesn’t see it that way. “I’ve always thought he was really attractive actually. So I don’t know. I wrote the part thinking of Seth. Michelle, I think, is the best actor of her generation. I think she’s also hysterically funny as well as incredibly in depth. Luke Kirby is also in it. He’s a Canadian actor and Sarah Silverman is in it. I really wasn’t casting according to type. I had really specific ideas of who I wanted for these parts and luckily I got everybody I was hoping to get.”

It will be five years in between Polley’s directorial efforts. You’ll notice the difference with the life she’s lived in those years. “After I finished all the press tour for Away From Her, I decided I wanted to go back to acting for a year or two and see how I felt about it after all this time and just see how it had changed my approach to acting. So, I did take a year and a half to act and then I took a year to think and then now I’ve been working on Take This Waltz for about a year and we start shooting soon. So yeah, it does take some time. I figure there’s something to that, to having time to live life before you’re speaking about it in films and be able to absorb experience before you spew it out.”

Take this Waltz is due out next year.