This week on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Sarah (Lena Headey) tells us about chess and how it's just like war. Sarah Connor, who is hunted by Terminators and begot the messiah of the human race, is trying to tell us that chess better prepared John (Thomas Dekker) for war, than something like...marksmanship or building bombs. Ok, Sarah, I bet Connect Four could really teach him something about war too...and definitely Uno. This brief monologue was brought to us by Sarah popping a bunch of pills. When Andy gives Sarah a buzz, he's totally not getting any.

Meanwhile, Agent Cromartie is impersonating an FBI agent and has managed to track down Charley Dixon and decides to drop in on him and see if he knows where Sarah and John are. Charley acts like he doesn't even know they're still alive, but his wife is sharp enough to figure out he's lying, and he folds like a lawn chair and tells his wife he's seen John. Uh oh, this is the second guy not scoring tonight.

Cam (Summer Glau) and John are struggling through school, Cam is doing John's math homework and they're both being counseled about grief about the jumper nobody at the school knows, really. John is making friends with the grease monkeys in the the garage because he knows his way around the grease, just check out his hair, right? John's made friends with some guy named Morris who gives him the lowdown on his crush, the mysterious Sherrie. Seems she has an overprotective pops. The dad might be the least of her problems though, because Cameron looks awful jealous whenever John talks to her. That would be one hell of a catfight. What do you think FOX? Can we make that happen?

Which brings us to the one thing even more boring than chess...a chess tournament. But what could be even more boring than a chess tournament? That's right, a chess tournament that is being played by computers. Andy has rebuilt his Turk and has entered it in this tournament with his partner, some shady Russian guy. The winner of the tournament gets some unexplained military contract. Andy is genuinely happy to see Sarah, but his day goes from bad to, well, worse when he loses the tournament and gets freaking killed. The Turk is also stolen and we're lead to believe the killer is...wait for it...wait for it...Brian Austin Green, a.k.a. David Silver, a.k.a. the last resistance guy!

Brian Austin Green, who I will refer to as B.A.G from now on, was acting suspicious so Sarah tracks him down and completely kicks his ass, badly. B.A.G is taken into custody, and who is waiting for him? Ellison! He's getting much better at this whole following clues thing, isn't he? Well, Ellison tries to pick B.A.G's brain about all the weird stuff and the fake blood, and he lets enough info out that Ellison is intrigued enough to move B.A.G to federal lockup. At the same time, the 2007 Terminator finds out B.A.G is in jail so he gets himself arrested to finish off B.A.G, and Sarah decides to drop in on him too.

Sarah gets to B.A.G before not-Cromartie does, and they have a heart to heart about how B.A.G is Derek Reese, Kyle's brother and John's uncle and brother of the guy Sarah had sex with. They're totally family! Sarah wants to get B.A.G out, but he makes her leave because he's positive he's got a Terminator on his trail.

Anyway, it' time to wrap things up. B.A.G gets moved to a van and pulls a lock-pick out of his freaking arm! Sarah, John and Cameron stage a rescue attempt and are doing just fine until not-Cromartie shows up and gets his ass kicked by Cameron who does some nifty brain cpu surgery and shuts that metal bastard down after the prerequisite Terminator fight of the week. Thanks Fox! B.A.G gets shot though, and they drag his ass back to the secret hideout before Cameron tells them that B.A.G is totally going to eat it. Sarah is on her way out to taser a doctor...I know, she's awesome. John heads out instead and comes back with the one, the only, Charley Dixon! Charley is momentarily frozen by the sight of Sarah before he gets to work on B.A.G and his internal injuries.

Ellison is pretty pissed that he lost his prisoner, but he finds a Terminator hand at the scene. Uh oh, is Ellison going to be SkyNet? Probably not. Dude is pretty slow on the uptake, right?

What'd you guys think about the casting of B.A.G? Didn't Sarah look hot this week? And John was a little less weepy too. Seems like things are coming together, or am I speaking too soon?

Next week: Looks like B.A.G lives, and we get the long promised glimpse of the future.

Story by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer