After a week off from all the nonsense in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" we find ourselves quickly reintroduced to our favorite terminator in progress, Cromartie. You might remember that in the last episode our metal friend took a bloodbath to replace his skin and also stole some yummy eyes. These eyes weren't for eating though. These eyes were for seeing, and that's just what they'll do.

Cromartie, having created a suitable canvas, has now tracked down a plastic surgeon who he will convince to do reconstructive surgery on his face, fix the bump in his nose and fill out his lips just a little bit to even them out. He's decided on a nice new face. In fact, it's the face of the doctor from John from Cincinnati, which makes a wonderful disguise because nobody watched that show.

The intrepid Connor family and the oh-so-sexy chrome babe Cameron are caught up in some familial drama. John feels bad about not saving the jumper from last week and is blaming Cameron in a futile effort to redirect his rage from not having a normal childhood. Just a guess. John is all fired up to fight and he's sick of flight, but mama bear will have none of that once Cameron informs her that she knows Cromartie is back. Cam has been monitoring some news reports or something, and some experimental metal alloy that just so happens to be a prime ingredient of terminators has just been stolen. Sarah wants to bounce to Mexico as usual, but somehow John convinces her to contrive some stupid plan to blow up the metal.

Once they get to the warehouse they find out there is another terminator taking the stolen metal to some fallout shelter in the middle of nowhere to squirrel it away until judgment day. John manages to get himself locked in the truck because he's the dumbest messiah ever, but Cameron and Sarah manage to locate him through a helpful security guard that they kidnap. Cameron either tortures him or gives him an oil change for the info, I prefer to think it's the latter, before dropping him off in the middle of a mind field.

Once the intrepid twosome get to depot 37 we're treated to some hot metal on metal action as Cameron once again comes out on top. She's totally undefeated so far, and I'm so looking forward to the Cameron and Cromartie rematch. Anyway, they manage to rescue John and teach him to drive stick at the same time. Amazing!

In other news, poor Agent Ellison is being constantly belittled by his younger better-looking co-agents. Ellison is on the case of the dead plastic surgeon, and he manages to track down George Laslow (a.k.a. "John from Cincinnati" guy) before he's replaced by Cromartie. They take a blood test to prove his identity and then, once he's cleared, the dude totally gets iced by the new Cromartie-Laslow. Ellison, feeling bad about running the guy in to the station earlier in the day, stops by his apartment to let him know that someone might be stealing his identity. It's just a little too late, though. Poor Ellison, he'll catch up one of these days.

So, there we have it. Cromartie is back, John is still a wuss, Sarah is still a bad ass, Cameron is still hot, and Ellison is a little slow on the uptake.

Next week: Charley is back and Laslow-Cromartie is on his ass! The resistance guy shows himself, maybe. Ellison is still connecting the dots.

My thought for a week: After careful deliberation, I have decided that Cameron is, in fact, some incarnation of SkyNet. This conclusion is the product of many beers and conversations over more beer. What do you think? Possible? Not possible? Should I keep drinking?

Let's hear the comments.

Story by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer

Photo ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Desmond/FOX