Saosin – a five-piece emo outfit from Southern California made up of guitarists Beau Burchelle and Justin Shekoski, singer Cover Reber, bassist Chris Sorenson, and drummer Alex Rodriquez, was founded in 2003 by guitarists Burcelle and Shekoski. It was only three years ago but it was a crowded but still largely underground emo scene where only a handful of bands had broken into the mainstream. Since then, the scene has expanded even more making it hard for bands looking to be heard. While Saosin wants what every band wants – to do what they love and be able to eat while doing it – they've earnestly trusted word-of-mouth by legitimate fans to see them to their goals. By shying away from excessive self-promotion, Saosin has given fans a chance to discover their music first hand without much commercial influence. With over 5 million downloads from their Myspace page and impressive touring history with pop punk's heaviest hitters [AFI, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance] before ever releasing a full length album, it seems a humble demeanor paired with their visceral post-hardcore was the antidote for a flooded rock scene.

Saosin (pronounced "say ocean" and which means "small heart" in Chinese) will be releasing their very long awaited self-titled full length album – their first album in an already prolific but young career – on Capitol Records. After much careful thought about going to a major label, the band decided they had grown to a level where they would be ready to handle the world of the majors.

This highly-anticipated album will be released by Capitol on September 26th.

Watch the video for the band's first single, "Voices":

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