Sandra Bullock has been America's sweetheart with lovable romances like While You Were Sleeping and Miss Congeniality. Now she reveals that it's all an act. "I'm a good actress," she said. "That's why you know me as likable."

In her new movie, The Proposal, Bullock plays a harsh boss, Devil Wears Prada style. That, she says, is closer to the real Sandra. "I am a bitch. I am a horrible, evil bitch but I'm a good actress and I can act like a really sweet person. Everyone has it in them. It's such a joy to be able to play someone who is angry. It's a joy and a relief. Having to be nice all the time is exhausting and boring, but to play someone who just has that under layer of unhappiness, you know that it comes from someplace. There's a crack in the veneer."

Not only is Bullock a meanie, but she's become a method actor too. "I said for three months that I could be a bitch and people were like, 'Why are being that way?' I said, 'It's my character. I'm in character. I don't have to apologize for being this way.' I take it home with me. I'm a bitch because I'm working as a bitch. It was pure heaven. I love it. We all have it in us. It's who I am. No, people who do comedy really are the nastiest people on the planet."

The Proposal opens Friday.

Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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