It was a mere few months ago that Sandi Thom had her Eureka! moment. Instead of spending all of her time and money driving to gigs all over the country in her clapped-out car, as she had done for years, the singer from Scotland resolved to try a different approach.

She bought a webcam, and announced a run of 21 shows to be performed on consecutive nights during February and March in the basement of her flat in Tooting, South London. The audience capacity in the flat itself was limited to just six people; but the half-hour shows were to be broadcast, free of charge, via her website at

The first night, 70 people tuned in to watch, the next night it went up to 670. And by the middle of the second week she was performing to an audience of 70,000. By then, the suits from every major record label had visited the flat to see the show for themselves. What they heard was a singer with a sensational voice - strong and expressive enough to fill the largest theatres, but also warm and soulful enough to win over hearts and minds in the most intimate of settings. All the record companies put in offers, and within two weeks of finishing her virtual tour Sandi Thom signed a recording contract with RCA Records live in front of her webcam audience.

Smile... It Confuses People, Thom's debut CD, hit stores August 29. She will follow by constantly touring this fall.

Check out Sandi's "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" Video and Audio Streams:

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Real Audio | Windows Lo | Windows Hi | Quicktime

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