If you have seen more than 10 movies in your lifetime, Samuel L. Jackson was probably in at least 6 of them. You must have noticed that he is in a lot of movies. Often labeled as the hardest working man in Hollywood, he has starred in over 25 films, made countless cameos, and performed voice over roles.

While some movies instantly make you think of Jackson, such as Snakes on a Plane, Pulp Fiction and Coach Carter, there is a whole list of movies he has been in that you might not remember or even have noticed. The following list points out some of these roles and perhaps will make you want to give these movies a closer look:

1: Deep Blue Sea
Hands down this role was one of Samuel Jackson's best as a co-star. His character is annoying and uptight, which makes his final speech that much sweeter since it ends with the biggest shark you have ever seen eating him! You never see it coming, just like you never saw him being in the movie in the first place.

2: Jurassic Park
His role as Ray Arnold, the park's system techy, is small but sticks out because he's the dude that gets eaten by the velociraptor. He steals the show when his arm ends up scaring the living crap out of you and Dr. Ellie Sattler, played by Laura Dern. However, he will probably always be remembered most fondly for coining the phrase "Hold on to your butts!"

3: Coming to America
One of Eddie Murphy's greatest films was made even greater when a young Samuel Jackson took on the cameo role as a stick-up man. Prince Akeem is able to impress Lisa McDowel, his love interest in the film, by kicking the crap out of Samuel in this hilarious scene. You can watch it again and again because it is classic Samuel material!

4:Out of Sight
If you never sat down to watch this whole movie whenever it has come on TNT you probably missed Samuel's brief cameo as Hejira Henry, the inmate notorious for escaping from prison. At the very end Jennifer Lopez's character craftily partners him up with her boo Jack Foley, played by George Clooney, in hopes that Samuel's character will help him get away.

5: Goodfellas -
We were surprised too! Goodfellas too, Sam!? In this movie he plays a small role as Stacks Edwards, a runner and small time crook for the mafia. He meets his fate near the end after Joe Pesci shoots him from behind.

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Story by Iyana Gregory
Starpulse contributing writer