Samuel L. Jackson has a titanium bolt in his spine after a series of severe back problems.
The "Iron Man 2" star crushed a nerve and had to have the device fitted to allow him to walk, bend over and play golf. And he's still amazed by the fact the surgery he had last year has ended years of spinal problems.
He says, "I have what's known as a Coflex device, which is a titanium piece...that's clamped to the upper phalange and the lower phalange. The big deal for me about the surgery was...I woke up and I immediately knew I was better, but all of a sudden an hour after I woke up, there was a nurse in the room, saying, 'We're gonna walk down the hall...' and she made me get up and walk and I walked from an hour after my surgery until now."
Jackson reveals he previously had back surgery to remove a cyst on his sciatic nerve: "When I was doing 'S.W.A.T.' I woke up one morning... I couldn't move. I rolled out of bed, crawled to the bathroom, I took, like, eight Advil and eventually I ended up getting an epidural so I could finish the movie. Two days after the movie was over they discovered I had a cyst on my sciatic nerve."
Now pain-free, the movie star has regular acupuncture sessions to make sure he never has to experience the pain of spinal problems again: "It's one of my favorite things. Twice a week I go."