Aussie star Sam Worthington still can't believe the crazy things fans of his Avatar blockbuster will do to honor the film - Chinese officials have renamed a mountain range so devotees can get married in the fictitious alien world.

The film has become the most successful movie ever and Chinese fans have started dressing up as Na'vi warriors to wed among the Hallelujah Mountains, where Worthington and his co-star Zoe Saldana's all-blue characters fell in love.

Worthington says, "They renamed the mountains in China... People dress up, they're blue. The priest is blue as well."

And the Clash of the Titans star admits he'd consider showing up for one of the odd ceremonies.

He adds, "I'm waiting for an invite... The Chinese and the Japanese just embraced that movie so much (and) to rename a mountainside is incredible... and it's very popular, the Avatar weddings."