"The Social Network" filmmaker David Fincher has come under fire from a group of safe driving activists after revealing he used to throw 'bloodied' baby dolls into traffic for pure "amusement."
During a recent magazine interview, the director opened up about his favorite childhood prank, confessing he and a pal would roll the toys in ketchup and raw meat - to simulate blood and guts - hurl them onto the freeway and watch horrified drivers screech to a halt.
But Fincher's old ways have now been condemned by bosses at Love From Afar/P.A.D.D. (Parents Against Distracted Driving), who claim that even though his intentions may not have been malicious, his actions could have caused traffic fatalities.
Founder Cynthia Rowley tells WENN, "It is truly unheard of that a person would think that risking the lives of others would be amusing. This is a perfect example of a destructive decision. It is amazing that the thought of the outcome of this prank did not allow David Fincher and his friend to just laugh about it and never follow through with it. People need to set boundaries on how far to take a joke, especially when someone's life is at stake. Everything is not funny.
"I pray no one wants to mimic such a hideous act because to lose a child, or loved one to a senseless distracted driving epidemic is unacceptable and needs to be stopped."