Hip hop star RZA appeared at Comic-Con this week to talk about his upcoming film "The Man With The Iron Fists."

In the film, a population of a village in rural China must defend themselves against a formidable enemy, and a local blacksmith (Rza) forges the weapons they need to emerge victorious from the bloody battle to come. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu co-star.

Rza has been working on the idea for "Fists" since around 2005 after working on "Kill Bill" with Quentin Tarantino. He explained, "I got this urge to want to be a director and so I became his student."

Horror director Eli Roth co-wrote the film with Rza. Universal Pictures will release the film on Nov. 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film is billed as "an ode to kung-fu classics of the past."