Ryan Seacrest underwent surgery on Wednesday to treat a torn tendon in his elbow.
The media personality took time out of his hectic schedule for the outpatient procedure and he revealed all about his operation during his KIIS-FM radio show in Los Angeles on Thursday.
He told listeners, "I had a probe stuck into my right elbow. They went in with a tiny little probe and they scraped some scar tissue from the tendon, because I tore the tendon from working out."
Seacrest remained awake throughout the invasive surgery, although he "couldn't look" as his doctor poked round - and he admits he didn't expect the minor treatment to take as long as it did.
He added, "I didn't calculate suturing into my schedule. I thought it was an in-and-out, 12-minute procedure."
He also posted a photo of his bandaged elbow on his Twitter.com page to show fans the damage.