Alphas premieres its second season on SyFy tonight at 10 PM ET. The second season is promised to have a bevy of amazing guest stars.

Ryan Cartwright, who plays fan favorite Gary Bell, recently participated in a press conference call on behalf of SyFy for a number of reporters and bloggers.

Here are some of his key quotes about the upcoming season:

On developing the mannerism associated with his character’s autism: “Basically I started with lots of documentaries, lots of movies and lots of like online blogs and stuff from autistic people talking about how they experience things and just reading the books like from (Daniel Pampett), (Temple Grandin) and (Oliver Sachs) and stuff. And the firsthand account stuff from autistic people in its true form really helped because it helped me understand the neurology behind it which gave me the grace to come up with the mannerisms and stuff myself knowing the reason I'd be doing them as opposed to just meeting someone and copying mannerisms.”

On where Gary starts this season: “Yes he's in a worst place than prison. He's like in Building 7 and he's pretty much comatose because to control alphas who are bad there's a lot more moral flexibility that people believe they can take with them so they put like these chips in their heads which make them completely comatose and devoid of any personality and sense so they're pretty much like these neutered brain-dead zombies who just sit around and drool which is my natural state normally. So yes he's in Building 7 for he was a little bit too disruptive because they wanted him to go and work with the other people over there, the government agents, but they didn't appreciate Gary's idiosyncrasies and he ended up lashing out and got in trouble.”

On his relationship with Bill and new character Erin: “He still respects Bill and he likes him as his partner. I think the main wedge for him is Erin who joined as the character Kat. That kind of drives a bit of a wedge between himself and Bill. And he doesn't like it. He starts throwing all the toys out of his cot because Erin -- Kat -- is the new baby and Gary's like put in the backseat. And as we all know Gary likes to be in the front driver's seat.”

On Gary’s reaction to when Erin arrives: “Yes, well he hates it to begin with, because it's, you know, like I said it was like the new baby in the push chair kind of thing. The new baby in the bathtub and he wants to drown her. He's intrigued by her, but completely intimidated and just wants her gone, because she doesn't follow the supposed Alpha code. She's more rebel than anyone, she's on the outskirt, she comes from a bit of a darker background. He - and he thinks she's unprofessional, he just doesn't want this cute little blond girl grabbing everyone's attention, because he's the one that needs care and the one that wants all the attention. So, he just wants - he wants her gone. But, maybe he'll end up liking her, we'll have to see.”

On this season’s new arc: “[The] reemergence of Red Flag and Stanton Parish is very heavily influential on the arc. And you kind of the two, you know, a lot of it is obviously the alphas kind of falling apart as a group and just trying to stick together and weather the storm of just wearing each other down with their abilities and their own passions.”

And finally, a bit more on the villainous group Red Flag this season: “Oh man, they just want to blow everything up. Then you got - they kind of, they infiltrate the Alpha's group a lot more and tear us apart from the inside and yes, they completely kind of start destroying the Alpha's as a group. And Stanton Parish is, you know, he makes a comeback and he's quite adamant about pursuing his vendettas to the end. And he just exhausts all the Alpha's trying it, you know, he finds everyone's weaknesses and abuses them. You know, he's the perfect bad buy, especially for Dr. Rosen.”