Russell Brand spiced up a recent roundtable interview with Larry King by stealing a pair of his wife's panties.
The veteran newsman invited the Brit, basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, Tyra Banks and chat show host Conan O'Brien into his home for the CNN special "Dinner With The Kings," which will air on Sunday.
And things took a turn for the hilarious when prankster Brand sneaked into the Kings' bedroom.
Brand tells Ryan Seacrest, "It (set up) didn't seem normal... People asking questions about whether or not you loved your mum... so, to ground myself, I thought the only way of making sense of this situation is to sneak away... go upstairs, go into his (King's) bedroom and steal his wife's underwear, conceal it about your person and then later on in the conversation... 'Russell, what keeps you up at night?' 'I tell you what keeps me up at night - these...' and I held up his wife's panties."