'Rush' directed by two time Academy Award winner, Ron Howard ('A Beautiful Mind', 'Frost/Nixon') is supposedly, based on a true story.

I say supposedly, because like many 'true stories', there's a great deal of 'not so true' stuff thrown into the mix.

'Rush' written by Peter Morgan ('Frost/Nixon) depicts the intense rivalry between two Formula One race car drivers.

The flamboyant, English playboy, James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth, 'The Avengers, 'Thor') and his opponent, the overly controlled, Austrian, Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl, 'Inglorious Bastards) 

Hunt was the bad boy of racing.  When he wasn't behind the wheel of a car, he spent his time, drinking, making love and drinking some more. He was all about emotion and impulsive behavior, whereas, Lauda was disciplined, cold, methodical & brilliant.  

In the film, these two men are obsessed with beating one another on the track, no matter what the cost. 

But apparently, that wasn't the case.  In reality Hunt and Lauda were actually friends, who hung out together and at one time, were even roommates.

But hey, it's a movie right?

'Rush' opens at the German Grand Prix, in 1976, a few weeks past the half way point of the season.

This is the year that [SPOILER ALERT] Lauda had his near fatal accident and that's all I'll say about that.  

From there, the film flashes back to the early 70's, when both men were at the beginning of their career.  As they become more and more famous in the sport, their competition with one another, grows more intense, until finally one of them, becomes a Formula 1 champion.  Of course, I won't say which one.

'Rush' is all about the 'rush' these drivers get, as they push themselves to their physical and psychological breaking points.

Being the fine director that he is, Howard captures the excitement, the danger, the tension and the speed of the Formula One race.  Those scenes are shot so well that, at times, I felt as if I were sitting along side Hunt and Lauda.

For those of you not into racing, there's some very cool sex scenes and even some romance, thanks to Olivia Wilde, who plays the super model who eventually marries and divorces Hunt and Alexandra Maria Lara, who captures Lauda's heart...And yes, he does have one.

I gave 'Rush' which opens in theaters, Friday September 20, 2013, four bagels out of 5.  

Check out our video to see for John's thoughts and his bagel score.

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