Baby rumors are on fire this week.  Plus, which actress can't trust her friends...or can she?

LeAnn Rimes is trying to get pregnant. While she loves being a stepmom to husband Eddie Cibrian's two boys, she's ready to have one of her own.

Verdict: TRUE - sort of. She told Country Weekly magazine, "They're awesome, and it does want me to have a child eventually...I'd really love to have a child of our own, but we'll see."

Brody Jenner is about to be a dad. X17 Online reports his girlfriend Avril Lavigne is pregnant. New pics of the singer show her wearing baggy t-shirts and an oversized poncho.

Verdict: FALSE. Avril's rep says the pop star is not pregnant.

Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend had his motorcycle vandalized.

Verdict: TRUE. Justin Theroux left his BMW motorcycle outside his NYC apartment, and later he found it covered with bologna. The prankster's identity is still unknown.