There's a rumor going around online that pop star Justin Bieber and Disney starlet Selena Gomez have split.  The reason? Justin was reportedly caught texing his ex-girlfriend.

His ex, Jasmine Villegas, is an up-and-coming singer who opened for Bieber's 2010 concert tour. The 17-year-old latina bares a resemblance to Selena, don't you think?

We're not sure if the rumor is true, particularly since Bieber was spotted wearing a Selena Gomez t-shirt at her Boca Raton concert in Florida last week. During Selena's performance she sat on a chest with her boyfriend's pictures plastered all over it.

However, break-ups often happen quickly. Do you think the rumor is true?

See Bieber's face below:

Back in September 2010: