On Last night’s episode of Drop Dead Diva the term “diva” was in full effect as Kim and Stacy got their claws out and Grayson and Owen battle it out.  At the apartment Stacy is pestering Jane about whether or not she has had a chance to review her contract. Jane tells Stacy to be patient, she just got it and she had a date with Owen the night before.  As Jane tries to talk to Stacy about, Stacy asks if they can talk about later because she just wants to talk about her problems. Stacy tells Jane that she is concerned because it seems like her co-star and boyfriend Brian has photo approval and she does not and is upset because her sitcom shot her from her bad side. She said she told them twice not to shoot her from the left. Jane tells her he is the star of the show so that takes precedence. Stacey says they are co-stars and they should be equal and tells Jane that his lawyer probably already reviewed his contract.  Jane says she will review Stacy’s contract over lunch and Stacy’s says she will have her assistant bring it over.

Arriving at the office, Jane sees a medieval princess in the elevator and thinks she’s a singing telegram before the princess informs her she’s there to see Grayson. Princess Guinevere tells Grayson and Kim that her father owned Medieval Mania where her and her brother work but he died last year and now her brother wants to sell it because of the lands financial worth. Guinevere’s brother has served her with an action to partition trying to get her to sell to a third party. Grayson agrees to help the damsel in distress, and meanwhile Terri is informing Jane of her next case.

Terri tells Jane that she’s got a big client coming in Kelly Witsit who’s become known as the bargain basement bridezilla who wants to sue Conrad’s Bridal for injury. Jane says it’s a frivolous lawsuit and thinks Kelly is just an angry bride who got into a fight over a discount dress. However, Kelly’s fiancé Jacob Campbell interrupts and tells Jane it’s not so frivolous she was hurt badly.  When Jane asks where Kelly is Jacob says she’s in the hospital.  Jane goes to see Kelly in the hospital where Kelly tells her she suffered head trauma, a ruptured spleen and a punctured kidney. Jane apologizes and Kelly tells her they the stored deliberately released a picture of her at the wrong angle to make it look like she was attacked when she was actually lying on the floor in pain. Kelly goes on to tell Jane that the store advertised it as a “ deal of a lifetime”.  Jacob tells Jane that the store wasn’t ready for the amount of people that were going to show up and Kelly said she tried to get out but she fell down and people began to trample on her. Jacob a third year law student says it’s a classic case of reckless endangerment and Jane agrees so she tells them Conrad’s better be ready for a fight.

Later Jane meets with the Conrad’s Publicist and representative from their PR Firm Ms. Davis. Jane tells her that the meeting there about to have is for a settlement and she will wait for Conrad’s lawyer. After Jane shows Ms. Davis a recording that another customer took at the sale that shows Kelly being brutally trampled, Ms. Davis says she has been authorized by Conrad’s to offer a settlement.  The settlement is $5,000 and a gift certificate for a free wedding dress of Kelly’s choosing. However, the settlement also includes a “gag” order that Ms. Davis clarifies is simply a privacy agreement.

Meanwhile, Kim and Parker who are romantic partners once again argue about the fact that Parker gave Elisa Parker’s ex a temp job at the firm and Kim sees it as her chance to make it hell for her.

In court, Jane’s case hits a snag when she finds out that Owen is the judge on the case she realizes the conflict of interest and so does he; He recluses himself due to the fact that he is dating Jane.

On the set of her sitcom, Stacy is in diva mode after the success of her role on the sitcom and the fact that she got a cheesy chips commercial she celebrates by ordering her assistant like she’s her royal subject.  When Stacy relays her news to co-star and boyfriend Brian he tells her she should take it because it would devalue her character on the show as well as her own acting credibility. 

Grayson’s medieval battle gets underway in court when he is shocked to see Owen in Judge Singer’s place. Owen explains that due to personal reasons they swapped.  Grayson tells Owen he is asking the Guinevere's brother Lance to cancel the partition against his client instead trying to settle and opt for a time-structured buyout. Kim informs Owen that it’s a win-win situation Gwen keeps Medieval Mania and Lance gets the sale price paid out over the next ten years as his sister can afford to pay it. However, Lance says he wants the money now. Lance’s attorney states that due to the operating agreement drawn up by their father, they have to settle the battle by a medieval duel. Owen agrees with Lance’s lawyer and says they will follow 12th century law as the clause depicts in the will but first he has to find an expert in the field.

In another courtroom Jane is ready for a fight of her own as she battles it out in court against Conrad’s. She is about to show the video of Kelly getting trampled when Conrad’s attorney objects to it.  The judge agrees with Conrad’s attorney saying the video is not permissible in court because they don’t know who shot it since it was found on the Internet. Jane goes to see Kelly and Jacob in the hospital and says they are going back into court she’s got a plan B. In court Jane has Kelly’s doctor Dr. Andrews. She demonstrates the trauma Kelly’s body was caused by a high heel using a dummy and starts stopping on it.

With a break in their cases, Owen runs into Jane outside. Owen tells Jane that he’s glad he got excused from her case because now he is hearing a case that needs to be followed by medieval law. After telling learning more details about the case, Jane realizes the case Owen is hearing is Grayson’s. Owen goes onto tell Jane that he wants a long drawn out try so he won’t have to take on Egan vs. Schwartz a boring patent case.

On the set of her sitcom, Terri drops by to give Stacey her contract and tells her to sign it before the show realize they made a big mistake and dump her like she dumped Fred.  Stacy tells Teri that all deliveries go to her assistant who is busy cleaning out her purse after Stacy dumped her smoothie in it thinking it was her assistant’s purse.

Back at the office, Jane sees Elisa working late and being taken advantage of by Kim and Jane tries to convince her to tell Parker not only that she has a son to get home to but also it’s his. However, Elisa says that’s out of the question, she needs this job and he’s her boss and she can’t handle that now.  Terri steals Jane away to complain about Stacy and her diva behavior. Jane says she has an idea to not only help Stacy but teach her a lesson as well.  Grayson comes to Jane’s office to vent as well about his case and Owen and Jane gives him some advice and tells him to enjoy the ride, the judge is probably just drawing out the case because he doesn’t want to take a boring one.

Back in court, Jane’s case in underway once again and on the stand she has Mr. Mackenzie an expert in retail security who states that on the day in question Conrad’s did not have adequate security for the crowd they had security guards was far too few to deal with a crowd of 500 people. Mr. Mackenzie states for a crowd of that size, at least twelve guards were needed.  Conrad’s lawyer states that for the past two years including this only about 200 people showed up for the sale which is why there were the number of security guards there were, there was no way for the store to know or expect that so many more people would show up. The judge agrees and dismisses Jane’s case once again.

Meanwhile, in judge’s chambers, Grayson goes to see Owen about his case. Grayson tells Owen he should recluse himself and takes himself off the case and Owen tells him to watch his step.  Jane has troubles of her Owen not wanting to disappoint her client or give up on the case, she calls Jacob back in because she might have found new evidence in the video shot from the store. Jacob points out a woman in the video who goes to his gym so Jane suggests they post a flyer to ask anyone who has any information on the video to come forward.

In court, Grayson’s case is underway and the expert in the case says under the conditions of their father’s will professor Martin says that his children became bound to the laws of Richard the Lion Heart which makes them having to prove the litigance of their case by force of arms or trial by combat.  Guinevere is ready to face her brother in battle but medieval dictates that women can’t fight so Owen appoints Grayson to fight for her.

Back at the office, Parker wonders why Elisa is still working and she informs him Kim gave her a deadline. Later, at dinner with Kim, Parker asks her why he’s been so hard on Elisa and she says she treating her as she would any other temp but in regards to him it was a test and he failed. She tells him he obviously hasn’t changed and still harbors feelings for his ex and storms office. Parker returns to the office to bring Elisa dinner and tells her she’s done for the day. She thanks him and tells him he’s changed and then they kiss.

Back at her apartment Jane has recruited Grayson, Terri and Fred in an intervention for Stacy’s diva-like behavior.  Stacy is aghast and appalled at their interference into her life and career, especially when Grayson tells her that Deb told him she would become a diva if she ever got famous. Stacy then aim at Jane attacking her for Deb’s comments Jane and Stacy both leave in a huff slamming their doors.

With a break in her case, Jane meets a woman at the health club who tells her that she and a bunch of other women at the sale were hired extras, they responded to an ad on Craigslist that wanted them to show they were having fun dress shopping.

In court Jane, puts Conrad’s PR team on trial as she said they knew exactly what they were doing when they put the ad out, knowing how many people would already show up they want a mob to make it more exciting and newsworthy.  Upon hearing the findings, Conrad’s agrees to a settlement awarding Jacob six-figures.

Fighting for justice in a court of another kind, the medieval battle between Grayson and Lance is getting ready to begin.  Decked in full garb the two battle it out and it looks like Grayson has come out the victor. As he unmasks himself we learn that Gwen switched places with Grayson and has won the battle fair and square. Because Gwen proved she could fight against a man and won she wins the claim against her and gains control of Medieval Mania. Owen agrees and he and Grayson make amends.

Elsewhere, Stacy is ready to go on set when she sees her assistant coming out of Brian’s trailer. She confronts Brian about using her personally and then professionally after she learns he stole her commercial she decks him and lands in Jail.

In Jail, Stacy tries to call Jane but Jane is ignoring her and tells Fred to do the same. She tells him they need to teach her lesson if she is going to change back to the old Stacy.

Tune in this week for the season finale, to find out what will happen to Stacy, Jane and the rest of the cast in what should be the season’s biggest cliffhanger.