The House of Windsor is at it again! Prince Charles and the Cambridges have yet again caused a flurry of scandal and additional work for royal courtiers. Prince Charles has caused a perfect diplomatic storm when he recently compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, due to President Putin’s recent territorial annexation of the Ukraine to Russia! Meanwhile, Duchess Kate of Cambridge has been facing trepidation over the knowledge that a photo of her bare buttocks is at the moment subject to a bidding war between private buyers! The alleged photo is of Kate’s bare bottom is from her tour in Australia where she is reportedly climbing into the plane brought to escort her to their appearance at the Australian Blue Mountains.

This recent humiliation is only the most recent scandal surrounding the Duchess, who is now becoming increasingly notorious over her nude indiscretions and it’s causing serious consternation among the royal court (specifically the courtiers) who have been under constant pressure to cover up the Duchess’ failings and Britons are increasingly fed up with the pattern of behavior that Duchess Kate has established. Kate has begun to show an odd pattern of having one kind of exposure of her intimate parts or another and even at the beginning of her royal career in 2011 she ended up showing her bare bottom under a light yellow dress, the skirt flying up while she was at the airport, moving from one plane to another while traveling.

In New Zealand, while descending the stairs from her plane, she ended up having the skirt of her red military style ensemble fly up, almost revealing her private parts and then reportedly giving waiting delegates an eyeful. It was chalked up by royal watchers as yet another gaffe and caused minor annoyance, but it was quickly forgotten as she had a successful tour and the Australian branch of her tour went off without a problem. Yet now, there is news that the Duchess has to face the reality of someone owning a photo of her bare buttocks, either viewing it in private, or worse, selling it to a publication, which would syndicate it around the world. While the palace has supported the Duchess publicly, it is whispered among insiders that the Duchess is becoming resented for how she’s doing less appearances and her behavior is becoming a part of a pattern.

The former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson (commonly known as “Fergie”), had a reputation for being occasionally scandalous, but never in the history of the York marriage did Sarah ever have her private parts exposed during official appearances such as literally nude. During private vacations Sarah was caught with a lover, but in no way did Sarah go so far as to go without undergarments and wear dresses lacking weights at the hem to keep the wind from blowing her skirt up. If it had been a simple gaffe once or twice it would be easily forgivable and forgotten, but Duchess Kate was reportedly advised heavily by the Queen’s official dresser to prevent such occurrences from happening. Either the news of Duchess Kate being advised was false, or Kate deliberately disregarded the advice and ignored the importance of the tour.

For Kate to disregard the advice of the Queen’s dresser or perhaps ignore orders to have her dresses designed with weighted hems, it would mean that Kate is in fact ignoring the orders and dress requirements of her Sovereign. Kate has been oddly unwilling to change her behavior or take the needed precautions to ensure the protection of her modesty, which has come across as almost a determination to end up showing herself off and undermining the entire dignity of royal tours and undermining the dignity of the House of Windsor. The Windsors have had more than enough scandals; the royal family and courtiers hoped that the recent royal trip would strengthen the ties of Australia with the Crown and Britain, but this has in fact likely, yet again, made Kate the center of another nude scandal.

Publicly the palace is deploring this as an invasion of privacy, but the reality is that behind doors, the courtiers are beyond upset. The Duchess isn’t new to royal life and expectations (having dated William for nearly ten years before their engagement) and she was thought to be prepared for the expectations, codes of conduct, but has in fact just made the royal household look like fools for accepting her into the royal family. The Queen had held reservations about Kate’s suitability, but was brought around to it after the engagement announcement and gave her official approval. Since then, Kate has had serious problems meeting expectations about the dress code and there are a lot of worries that Kate’s pattern of exhibitionism has been an open symptom of a deeper mental condition.