Rookie Blue came back with surprises (seriously, that was the title of the season premiere) and episode two keeps changing things up around 15 Division. Oliver is driving Noelle to dinner, enjoying the liberal use of his lights and siren, when they get a call about a possible double homicide. When they arrive, Sam and Traci are already standing over cooling human bodies...who turn out to be Dov and Gail. Noelle is not amused by this prank, but Frank's on the other side of the warehouse door, waiting to propose to her. With half the division looking on, she says yes.

Yet it's not all smiles in Toronto this week. Andy vents to Traci about all the changes around the place, asking for information on Sam's new girlfriend Cruz. As if on cue, Cruz pops up behind them and introduces herself to Andy, then is gone as quickly as she came. This makes Andy feel just a little bit inferior. Elsewhere, Gail is not enthused to see Nick in her driveway, and chews him out for being out of contact while he was undercover. At least he brought donuts.

Oliver wants to know if Sam knows that Andy's coming back on duty. Sam makes his unimpressed face and says that he and Andy have nothing to talk about. He walks into the locker room - and right into Andy, leading to an awkwardly polite moment before the morning briefing. Our heroine is not pleased when she finds out that she's been assigned to work with Cruz, but Oliver swoops in at literally the last second and volunteers to take her with him instead.

This act of kindness ultimately backfires, though, because there's a bank robbery going on across the street from where their patrol car is parked, and a proactive Andy walks right into it. Literally. Right through the door without waiting for backup. By the time Oliver gets there, the suspect has shot the bank manager and run out the back. Whoops.

Sam arrives and asks Andy to walk him through what happened. "Why didn't you wait for backup?" he asks. "Because it escalated. I didn't have time," she says. She can't give him a decent description of the shooter, much to his irritation. Cruz is outside, along with Traci, who gives the audience an idea of how much money was stolen and adds that the victim might not make it. They all leave Andy standing alone, looking unhappy.

While Nick and Gail have to pick up the victim's wife and take her to the hospital, and Dov and Chris try to help an upset woman who doesn't speak English, Sam and Cruz sort out what they know about the robbery, and send Andy and Oliver to search the streets for the culprit. They find his getaway car, which has been redecorated thanks to an exploding dye pack that the bank manager was able to slip into the money bag. Andy heads off alone again, and finds a disheveled guy hiding in the alley. He tries to run, and immediately faceplants a dumpster. She cracks up laughing, and who can blame her?