Traci asks Chuck what he knows about the dead man. All she really gets out of him is that the victim's first name is Ivan. Chuck has a severe focus problem. Back at the house, Gail suffers a chemical burn, which puts the kibosh on Andy's attempt to tell her friend about her new relationship with Nick. When Traci returns, she runs into Steve, who wants to assume control of the case in the name of Guns & Gangs, possibly in part because she blew off his calls. It's totally like a Peck to hold a random grudge, isn't it?

Elsewhere, Steve's sister is a bit high on Oxycodone, but she's still more coherent than Chuck. (As someone who has experienced the fun side effects of pain medication, Charlotte Sullivan plays this perfectly.) She can still process it when Andy blurts out impulsively that she slept with Nick, and when Andy wants to talk about Gail's feelings, Gail unsurprisingly tells her to get out.

Chris unloads on Dov about all the crap he's been through over the last week -which he's absolutely entitled to do after finding out his son wasn't really his kid. Then Oliver wonders if he's having a midlife crisis, but that doesn't stop him from lecturing Sam. At least Sam finally admits that he misses Andy. "I wish I didn't, but I do," he says, "I keep thinking about the future - kids, park on Sundays. Real life, something more than this, with her." Oliver tells him that he's got to talk to Marlo about this little realization. The line to sympathy hug Sam forms at the rear, folks.

By virtue of being the one person who knows Portuguese, Chloe gets to interview Traci's murder suspect (at least until the guy reveals that he speaks English). The guy says that he was supposed to kill Ivan, but panicked and ran off before he could do the job. Traci gives this information to Steve, along with the number the hitman was supposed to call after the murder was completed. The detectives ask Chloe to call the number, and it goes to a cell phone that's already in evidence - because it belongs to Chuck. He's not as dumb as he looks, and he almost gets out the door before Traci and Steve haul him back. After some questioning, he folds like a cheap card table.

The victory seems to have repaired Traci's friendship with Steve, while our vacationing quartet have finally gotten themselves together, and Gail tearfully calls Andy out for dating her ex, just before her friend slash possible girlfriend Holly (guest star Aliyah O'Brien) shows up to pick her up from the hospital. This, however, doesn't even slightly dissuade Andy from being cute with Nick when they're reunited at the precinct that evening.

This is a Rookie Blue episode where it's not so much about the plot, but the plot providing a setup for the characters to have their various needed developments. Given all the drama hyped in the promo for this episode (note to ABC: you can't steal someone's boyfriend if they've already broken up first), Andy's confession to Gail is surprisingly anticlimactic. It plays out as expected: Andy is awkward, Gail is flippant, someone cries.

What's more interesting is Sam's confession to Oliver, which is something many fans have likely been waiting to hear, and carries with it a lot more tension since there are already other, more serious issues going on in Sam's relationship with Marlo. As evidenced by the end of last week's installment and the preview for next week, Marlo's status with Sam is about to be the least of her problems, so him possibly throwing a wrench in that carries more weight than Andy and Gail falling out (especially since any guilt Andy feels is apparently very short-lived).

It's great that the show gives Chris a chance to get all his anger off his chest (nobody deserves it more), and as much as we still miss Jerry Barber and probably always will, there's a certain charm in the budding friendship or possible romance brewing between Steve and Traci, if only because Steve's just so ridiculously earnest and we want Traci to be happy again. How that plays out, or even if it plays out, will be interesting to see. But aside from the personal exchanges of important facts, there's not too much to see in this one.

Rookie Blue brings back a familiar favorite next week - with only three new episodes left in season four. Don't miss it!

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