How do you bring back Rookie Blue? With an episode that focuses on the season's two most uncomfortable relationships. One plot is played for laughs and the other is decidedly not, but both of them keep the drama going at 15 Division.

Everything starts innocently enough with a friendly game of paintball, but then gets weird when Andy starts asking Traci questions about Marlo, like if her relationship with Sam is serious. As if on cue, Sam walks right into Andy's path, and the two banter for a second before he walks off and Andy looks uncomfortable. But she's not going to get away from him that easily. Sam and Traci brief the entire division on a string of ATM robberies, wanting the uniformed cops to track down ten possible suspects.

In the middle of said briefing, Frank introduces his goddaughter Chloe, who's a transfer from 27 Division. This promptly freaks out Dov, given that he slept with her at Frank's engagement party. Finding out that Dov knows Chloe (but not how well), Frank assigns her to ride with him and warns him to "keep her out of trouble." Start laughing now, especially since Chloe doesn't know how to stop talking. Dov tries to leave Chloe with the squad car while he goes to check out one suspect, but she doesn't listen and jumps his interview. "You were so much more fun when you were drunk," she complains.

That's not even the worst assignment of the day, as Andy gets teamed with Marlo, and things are awkward between the two ladies before they even leave the station. They can't agree on anything, from who gets to drive the squad car to who they should look for first. But they very quickly get on the same page when someone drops a TV through the windshield of their vehicle. Investigating that leads them to breaking up a dispute between neighbors. While Andy does her best to calm down the mentally unstable woman she's dealt with before, Marlo's approach is to get tough with her neighbor, chastizing the man for the fight and the damage to the squad car.

Back at 15 Division, Gail and Nick are doing inventory, and Nick is uncomfortable when a guy shows up with an urn that he doesn't know what to do with. And on the road, Oliver suggests to Diaz that he needs to talk less about his new fatherhood.

Andy and Marlo finally locate the first suspect on their list, and he doesn't help himself by almost immediately trying to run from them. Marlo takes him down and promptly into custody, but within moments they realize he's not the man they're looking for as another armed robbery call comes in. They meet Sam and Traci at the latest crime scene, and are joined by Dov and Chloe a short time later. Sam isn't happy with anyone: he doesn't like Marlo and Andy for pursuing a suspect not on their portion of the list, and isn't fond of Chloe for discussing her love of antiques. He walks away from the whole group with an unimpressed expression on his face. It's another one of those small moments which reminds us that Ben Bass is great.

"I know this is an uncomfortable situation," Marlo tells Andy when they're back in the car, adding that "I'm not trying to replace you." They don't really get to have much of a discussion because they're called back to the scene of their domestic, to find the mentally unstable woman missing and blood on the wall. So where's Wanda?