Things have been up, down and all over the place in the current season of Rookie Blue, but now that we've spent three episodes sorting out everyone's personal drama and introducing new characters, it's time to get back to the business of policing. That means an installment which finally deals effectively with the Duncan Moore situation, reminds us that Gail is not the Ice Queen of Toronto, and reveals one rookie's new deep, dark secret (to the audience, anyway).

Andy and Duncan have just made another arrest, and the officer behind the booking desk looks a lot like Curtis Armstrong, which makes us think Curtis Armstrong should totally be on this show, because he'd make an awesome booking officer. He'd also know how to put the random arrested guys in their places when they start beating on each other once Andy leaves, unlike Duncan, who just stands there having taken his training officer's direction not to move too literally. Really?

When Sam asks Andy how things as a training officer are going, she'll say only that it "has its challenges," but she finally asks to talk to Oliver about the situation. "Is it possible that I'm making him worse?" she wonders aloud. Oliver suggests cutting Duncan a bit of slack. "If your instinct says this kid isn't cut out for this, you've got to let me know," he warns, but Andy still thinks it's her. We respectfully disagree with you, McNally.

Andy and Duncan are called out to investigate a dead body found in a stairwell, only to discover that the victim is not actually dead yet. The paramedics rescue the guy, who turns out to have a criminal record, which leads Duncan to prejudge him. He has to come down off that high horse fast, though, as he and Andy are tasked with picking up the victim's son and mother, and taking them to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Diaz is really out of it this week. He turns up late to parade after a "late night" previous (read between the lines there), and isn't paying much attention to anything Gail is saying. Gail does tell him (and us), however, that she and Holly aren't broken up - they're just not speaking, which is not really that much of an improvement. And while Dov and Nick canvass the apartment building, Nick gingerly pries into Dov and Chloe's relationship, because Chloe has asked him to.

That all pales in comparison, though, to Gail finding another shooting victim bleeding out elsewhere in the building. After the paramedics take her to the hospital, Sam is called in to investigate the scene, and he, Nick and Dov pay a visit to the apartment  upstairs, where they find a third victim. This one actually is dead. Enter Traci and Steve, the latter of whom declares the third victim to be a gang leader who had been trying to negotiate a cease-fire between his group and some of the others in the area. Well, we don't think it worked.

Andy interviews the first victim's grandmother, and informs Traci that he might have been doing some electrical work in the building. While our detectives develop a working theory of the crime that involves a rival gang shooting the third victim and the other two being innocent bystanders, they also have to deal with gang members who are also upset about the death of their leader. "Tomorrow, whatever happens, happens," one of them warns Traci and Steve.