Sam Swarek hasn't had a lot to do so far in the new season of Rookie Blue, so we're due for an episode that puts him back in the spotlight. And given that the series made a point of introducing Sam's estranged sister to us in the first few installments, it's no surprise that Sam's A-story also involves his family - namely, his ne'er do well father. It's time to get a big glimpse into what makes Sam tick.

Picking up where last week's episode left off, it's up to Sam to discover who killed Brian Gowdy, the man we previously just thought was in Costa Rica. Oliver thinks we're looking at "a serial predator who stalks his victims online," and at least we have a vague description of said predator. All of 15 Division gets pulled into the investigation - and everyone gets a shock when Brian's twin brother Jim interrupts the staff meeting.

Meanwhile, Traci still has issues with Dex over Leo, leading to boyfriend Steve telling her, "You didn't want to fight this battle, but you still need to win it." Chloe still thinks Dov is upset about her ex-husband, and she's overly aggravated herself. Gail threatens to make ex-fiance Nick an online dating profile. And drug addict Diaz still seems wired. So it's just another day at work for everyone.

Suspect number one is contractor Sean Harrison, who drives a grey sedan not unlike the one used in the commission of the crime. However, Sean gets off the hook when the previous would-be victim says he's not the guy. Sean's wife says a guy named Larry also has access to their car, and it so happens that Larry just got out of prison. Traci's working theory is that Larry was doing a favor for someone on the inside by getting rid of Brian. Finding Larry won't be easy; just ask Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers.

Steve volunteers to go to the hospital to deal with Dex, who was apparently in a bar fight. Traci finds this weird. We don't blame her. When the baby father meets the boyfriend, things are snarky all around. "Next time, why don't you call your brother first?" Steve suggests, and we love Adam MacDonald just a little bit more for that.

Back at the office, apparently Brian's twin brother owned the car before Brian did, making our heroes suspect that he might have been the target. Wouldn't be the first time twins got mistaken for each other on a crime show. Remember that awesome Without A Trace episode "Doppleganger" where Tony Goldwyn played his own twin brother and one of them was a killer? Anyway, Jim is freaked out about this possibility, especially since as someone who forecloses homes, he's not Mr. Popular.

While Gail and Nick locate Larry at a local bus station, Sam and Andy are in prison, asking other inmates about Larry. Thanks to a chatty prison guard, Andy finds out that Larry's sponsor was Jay Swarek - Sam's father. She confronts Sam about this, and he doesn't want to talk about it. "He has nothing to do with my life anymore," he insists, even as she gets upset about him holding back on her. This becomes a fight about their entire history to date, including her leaving to go undercover and him having broken up with her beforehand. "I'm not going in for another round of this," Andy tells him. "I won't do it."

And it actually gets worse than that. Just as he's brought back to 15 Division, Larry has a meltdown, busting out the squad car's back window so that he can use a piece of the glass to cut his own throat. He winds up in the hospital in critical condition, and Sam doesn't think this makes any sense. "So we got a murder and a suicide attempt with no clear motive," he groans, and that's enough to convince him that he and Andy need to have some words with his father.