Rookie Blue came back last week with a lot of question marks, and the third episode has a few more to add to our collection. Directed by none other than Gregory Smith, "Heart Breakers, Money Makers" throws wrenches in existing relationships, teases at least one possible new one, and still can't make us warm up to the new characters - but it's pretty good for the first episode that definitively moves past all the drama that ended season four.

The cops of 15 Division are preparing for this year's Fite Nite (the annual boxing event first referenced in season one). Let's hope Duncan fights better than he fights crime, because he has a lot to make up for after last week's antics. Andy is deservedly worried that her rookie is going to become a punching bag, so she asks ex-boyfriend Nick to train him properly - when the squad isn't legally seizing criminal assets as part of "Operation Accountability."

More importantly, Sam is out of the hospital and back on the job (albeit on restricted duty). "Here's to new beginnings," he tells Andy, who's riding with both Duncan and Nick for the most awkward combination possible. The trio walks into a spousal argument that comes to an abrupt conclusion when the husband punches Duncan and makes a run for it. Andy enlists Sam's help to search for the runner, and he's soon located hiding in a car in a nearby garage.

Sam and Andy interview the convict, who almost immediately asks for a lawyer. "Must be losing my touch," Sam comments, but then we all become confused when the convict changes his tune and declares that he wants to confess. "Is it just me, or does this guy have the worst lawyer ever?" Andy wonders aloud. She traces the number that he called, and it doesn't go to the convict's lawyer - it goes to his alleged friend, who is allegedly holding the convict's wife hostage while looking for money that may or may not exist.

But when Sam and Andy get back to the convict's house, they find out that the situation is actually the other way around, with the friend tied up and the wife trashing the house in a desperate search for the cash - which is hidden in a piano. She gets her own set of handcuffs and is reunited with her husband, promptly starting a whole second fight with him. Sam and Andy are all too happy to leave them to their disagreement.

Elsewhere, Dov and Gail are working together this week, with Gail admitting that she hasn't learned Duncan's name yet and saying she can't come to the event because she's meeting Holly's friends for the first time. "You make a terrible first impression," Dov tells her. They're dispatched to the same location that Chloe's husband Wes (returning guest star Cle Bennett) and his partner are at, and the situation becomes tetchy.

Our heroes get the less than desirable job of moving a washer-dryer combo out of the basement, and behind them they find a safe with a considerable haul of cash and credit cards in it. Dov convinces Wes to let them take the credit cards, and brings them to Traci, who informs him and Gail about some ATM skimming that's been happening around town. Furthermore, she's uncovered that the safe was originally delivered to a now-abandoned warehouse.