When last we left Rookie Blue, it wasn't a good time around 15 Division: Duncan Moore still worked here, Oliver took a job he didn't want to protect Andy, who in turn took a hit for covering for Duncan, and Dov discovered Diaz's drug addiction. Okay, so now that all that stuff is out in the open, what's anyone going to do about any of it?

Andy still thinks Oliver "stabbed me in the back" after he made the deal that potentially saved her job, but Sam does not share her vitriol. Nor does he think she has a good poker face. At least their renewed relationship seems to be going well.

For some contrast, cut to Chris, who's claiming his name is Dave in a support group meeting, talking about how he's not an addict, but he's stressed and still upset about losing custody of the son who turned out not to be his. Dov is waiting for him outside the meeting, and isn't convinced by Chris's espousing how great it was.

At the office, Nick, Traci and Steve are all hard at work; Steve's about to go on a raid of an underground gambling operation, but he's distracted when papers from Dex's lawyer tell Traci that her ex is looking for full spousal and child support, and sole custody of Leo.

Elsewhere, Inspector Becker thinks the raid is a stupid idea, and tells Oliver that he'd be better off doubling up patrols in the Swansea area for something that's "important to me." Clearly, he's using his newfound leverage on Oliver, who walks into the morning briefing and says exactly what Becker wants him to - before chewing out pretty much everybody.

Steve's dejected about not being able to raid anything, but it's not an entirely dropped subject. See, he tells Traci that he knows how Dex is affording his lawyer: he's a regular at the aforementioned gambling operation. If Steve busts the place, he can bust Dex and potentially put him away, therefore making him no longer Traci's problem. That's a sneaky play there, Detective Peck.

On the street, Diaz prods Dov about having missed a meeting with an Intelligence officer because he was chaperoning him instead. The latter two are dispatched to a house that's been ransacked; the father has been locked in his music studio, and his son is found restrained to a chair upstairs.

Gail and Andy soon join the guys to help investigate this apparent home invasion. They all soon come to the belief that the guilty parties must have inside information, and Andy finds a kitchen window broken from within, making everybody think the crime might be staged. But Dad says it's not insurance fraud, because his secret stash of weed went missing.