In the second half of the Rookie Blue season finale (here's part one), the team continues their search for a lethal suspect with a four-year-old grudge and winds up sort of back at the beginning. Ben Bass reminds us all that someone needs to give him an acting trophy at some point already, Missy Peregrym might be indestructible, and just wait until you find out all the personal problems that we're going to need until season six (which there will be!) to resolve.

Andy is uncomfortable about having to work alongside Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) in the hunt for mad bomber Ted McDonald. You know who else is back? Chris Diaz, who gives Sam - and the audience - the rundown on Ted before returning to 15 Division, where Duncan and his oft-mentioned stepfather are talking with Traci about Duncan's near-death experience. 'Talking' being a loose term because Commissioner Santana complains thirty seconds in, and then insists that Nick be assigned to protective duty for his precious stepson. At least this provides a second chance for Nick to meet the woman he ran into at the end of last week's episode, albeit with Gail ruining it.

Dov and Marlo are doing a great job of tracking Ted's past movements, while Chris digs into the bombing that killed Ted's son four years ago and thinks his ultimate target may be the judge who presided over the subsequent trial. Judge Sullivan is in the middle of being married, so Andy, Oliver and Traci get to crash a wedding - where they find out that there's a bomb under the car carrying the judge's daughter. See the parallel?

While the bomb squad handles that, Andy and Oliver find Ted at his son's grave, and take him into custody far too easily. Steve thinks Ted is crazy, and we're going to agree with him on this one. But he still can't get back on Traci's good side.

Sam is tasked with questioning Ted, who tells our hero all about the final day of his son's life and is still really upset that the police let him get away. He makes accusations of police corruption, while the commissioner looks on. It's not a new story. Sam is listening, but then the commissioner kicks him out of the room and ruins the interview by smashing Ted's face into the table. He clearly has something to do with the whole shebang, so it's not surprising to find out that Duncan was also an intentional target. Again, not a new story. With some encouragement from Sam, Ted reveals his next target and where he put the next bomb, but he expects things to be made right.

After that bomb is dealt with by Oliver, Sam decides to question the commissioner, who of course plays dumb but not before pointing out that he oversees the Internal Affairs division. To start investigating Ted's claims, Sam needs the hard drives seized by Marlo, which are in the evidence room, so Andy goes to get them while still sulking about Marlo being around in the first place. Except there's a bomb in there, too. Yes, we ended last season with a shooting at 15 Division, and this season concludes with an explosion at 15 Division. This is now officially the unsafest place to work.

Of course, it's Sam who gets to discover that his girlfriend is in trouble. He has a deserved meltdown trying to find Andy and then rescue her from the rubble of the evidence room. She's temporarily deaf and distressed, but fine, and there's a moment of comic relief when she calls him out for crying. After a brief interruption to show that Andy's ex Nick is meeting up with his mystery woman - whose name is Julia - we get back to business. Sort of. Sam returns to the interrogation room to find that Ted has cut his wrists with a razorblade. So who the hell gave him said razorblade? Do we believe Diaz when he said he might have made a mistake in searching Ted? Or did someone stage his suicide? Hey, it happened on 24.