This week's episode of Rookie Blue deals with the two storylines that have been brewing all season: Andy having to finally clean up the mess left behind by the disaster that was Duncan Moore, and somebody finally getting wise to what's going on with Chris Diaz. Some of this is satisfying, some of it will make you scream at your TV. Regardless, it's forward progress, and we'll have to see what happens now that some significant bombshells have been dropped.

Oliver's happy to be demoted, so happy that he's out drinking with Sam and Andy. His happiness is short-lived, though, when he walks into the morning meeting and has to order everyone - except a missing Diaz - to help the detectives on their newest investigation, that of a firebombing in Little Italy. Andy is much less cheerful; she's nervous about Duncan's dismissal hearing, which has abruptly been moved up to this particular day. She has reason to be nervous, because remember those times she tried to cover for her rookie? Yeah, those are bad now.

Meanwhile, Oliver has no choice but to entrust his delinquent daughter to Gail (which seems like a very unwise decision), and Chloe gets to spend her birthday - her first day back on the street - going through garbage, in which is at least one human body part. And Sam is being Sam, cool as a cucumber after that fracas with his father two weeks ago. He gets this week's first interrogation scene, questioning a guy named Vinnie about the arson and getting nowhere. Steve doesn't have any better luck when he realizes the witness he had has been scared off. So where do our detectives go with just a thumb?

Back to a now-snippy Oliver trying to get on the same page with Andy, who's insisting she just wanted to give Duncan a chance to prove himself, despite the fact that he was a screwup from day one. "You were trying to give him a shot," he tells her. "What you weren't doing was your job." Ouch.

Gail, still trying to wrangle Oliver's daughter, is forced to come face-to-face with Holly again when Traci needs to see if she can get a fingerprint off the thumb. Gail learns that Holly is now seeing someone else. As that awkward moment happens, Sam and Traci question a local cafe owner about why the thumb was in his garbage - and why Vinnie was hiding in his basement. He denies all knowledge of both things. No one believes him.

Elsewhere in the building, it's judgment hour for Andy, who has to face Duncan, his hotshot lawyer, and police brass with just second-rate counsel and Oliver at her side. Sam and Traci look on worriedly as Andy is forced to say all the stuff she didn't want to say. Unfortunately, his cocky lawyer (is there any other kind?) hammers Andy on the discrepancies in her reports, and we find out that Duncan recorded his last conversation with Andy without her knowledge.