Season 5 of Rookie Blue starts off like a bad ex-significant other. Season 4's finale, after all, dropped a huge cliffhanger on us and then we got to panic over it for a few months. Now, here it comes back into our lives like nothing happened...because canonly, nothing's happened. "Blink" picks up in the immediate aftermath of "You Can See The Stars," allowing us to take in all the fallout.

Having professed her love to an unconscious Sam, Andy is clearly stricken as she watches him being wheeled in for what's referred to as "major surgery," and she starts to unravel as she tells Traci how great her life was not so long ago.

But there's almost zero time to dwell on that. Traci and new wingman Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald, who's a regular these days) return to 15 Division, where Diaz is participating in a crime scene re-enactment with Inspector John Jarvis (another new regular, Oliver Becker). Jarvis assigns Steve and Traci to work the case since they were not present when Kevin Ford went rampaging through the building.

In case you forgot, Chloe got shot last season too, and she's being comforted by Frank after a successful surgery. "Except for that I know I have a blood clot that could kill me," she weakly corrects, not happy when she discovers that her husband made the call to leave said clot inside her "like a ticking time bomb." She asks to see Wes (returning guest star Cle Bennett), which makes Dov feel dejected. At least until Frank tells him that he has no idea why Chloe ever married Wes to begin with - and then kicks both Dov and Andy out of the hospital, ordering them to take 20 minutes at the diner down the street.

Elsewhere in the RB world, Gail gets home to where she's apparently now living with Holly (Aliyah O'Brien), immediately starts drinking, and gives herself a drastic haircut, while Nick has gone rogue on an unspecified mission. That means he's not around when two high as a kite twentysomethings decide to hold up the diner that Andy and Dov are currently angsting in. This is literally the most awkward robbery ever. Say no to drugs, kids.

Traci finds herself in hot water when her son Leo is unceremoniously dropped off at 15 Division, leading to him using her phone to call his father, who in turn rants at her about calling his lawyer and getting custody. He happens to do this in front of Jarvis, who already thinks everyone here is off somehow.

While Andy and Dov try to appease the stoners by offering to hand them the diner's entire safe, an always-upbeat Oliver comes to visit Chloe in her hospital room. He asks her where Dov is, and when she says that she doesn't know, he gets suspicious about the younger man's whereabouts. Things go from bad to worse when the stoners find out that Andy and Dov are cops and melt down, giving the waitress an opportunity to get her shotgun and shoot the male half of the idiots. He dies a few moments later on the restaurant's floor while his manic girlfriend cries over him.