While Gail and Diaz talk (and are apparently never, ever getting back together), our heroes put their heads together and find the location of an old church that Ford's brother concedes he might be at, because that's where their father abused both of them. Ford is in fact there, and tells Oliver everything his brother just repeated to Traci and Luke, and then some. Oliver being Oliver, he tries to talk Ford down, but in doing so lets slip that all the people Ford wants to shoot will be back at 15 Division. Ford promptly leaves Oliver there and goes in search of other targets.

The entirety of 15 Division is in one more briefing, and Sam, Andy and Nick are not enjoying riding the pine while everyone else goes to rescue Oliver. This goes off without a hitch, because of course Ford is no longer at the church. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the recovery effort leaves 15 Division very short-staffed, and therefore much easier to walk into and, say, start shooting at people. As Marlo wonders if maybe Ford's brother was the real child killer, and Sam and Andy have another awkward moment that involves Sam finally telling Andy he screwed up their relationship (even though she did just as much damage) and wants Andy to be happy with Nick, Ford is skulking around. Sam is the first person to put together what we all figured out an act and a half ago.

As the station goes into lockdown (yet nobody walking the halls seems to notice the guy who obviously doesn't belong), Ford walks into 15 Division. He shoots Sam in the chest before Nick puts him down, in a scene that is way too brief for all the lead-up to it. Andy rushes to Sam's side while a dumbfounded Marlo freezes in place. It's Andy who rides with Sam in the ambulance, because she needs to tell him that she loves him. When they get to the hospital, there's still no sign of Marlo, but Traci is there to give a shell-shocked Andy a hug. Elsewhere, Wes hasn't consented to Chloe's surgery, and has taken the extra step of asking for Dov to stay out of her hospital room.

It turns out Marlo is still at 15 Division with Luke, who tells her that they need to deal with everything that's happened. He advises her to go home before he walks into the interview room and starts interrogating Ford's brother about the abduction and murder Ford was accused of. Marlo finally breaks down when she sees the photo of her and Sam that's in her locker.

Everyone gathers at the hospital for the second season in a row, with Gail introducing Holly to everyone, Celery being reunited with Oliver, and Andy apologizing to Nick, but for what we don't know. He encourages her to go see how Sam is doing, and so we end the season with Andy standing there as the doctors labor over Sam, and there's an ominous buzzing in the background.

"You Can See The Stars" puts the cap on season four of Rookie Blue, and whatever you feel about this season, you're probably still feeling it after watching this episode. Unfortunately, ABC gave away the biggest shock of the episode - Sam getting shot - in the preview that aired last week, so that really crippled the impact of the finale. What was left wasn't nearly as worrisome, whether it was Chloe's fate in the balance or Marlo's future with 15 Division. It's a season finale with not much bite to it.

However, that's because of the writing, not just in this episode but over parts of the season as a whole. For example, Chloe has been a character that fans either love or hate, so perhaps we're not as invested in her fate as we would be as if it were Andy or Traci or Chris. Furthermore, in this episode, the story becomes less about whether she lives or dies, and more about her providing a reason for Dov and Wes to argue. That whole subplot just doesn't create enough dramatic tension.

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